Sept. 17, 2018, 11:50 a.m.

A call to EOS block producers

Dear block producers,

as the EOS ecosystem is mostly community-based and heading towards a global decentralization by delivering an infrastructure for decentralized applications, we, the founders of codum are calling you to give a boost to a complete disruption to the software/programming market worldwide by improving the market and accelerating it in quality and time.

Codum - The Code Market needs your support in exchange for support in return. Sounds strange? Here is what it’s all about.

Codum is in need of resources to be developed as the system which will reshape the software market and accelerate developments in all programming languages. EOSIO as an ecosystem will also benefit from it.

That is why we are approaching you, the Block Producers (BP), to provide advance financial support for codum. In exchange, we offer the possibility of paying you back via the opportunity to run the nodes for codum once the system is live. In other words, after we launch codum, there will be a need to run nodes for codum, which you would be paid for from the revenue share. This would be an additional activity and income for you as a BP, besides creating the blocks for EOS. And of course, for every contribution to codum, you will also receive CODUM tokens.

The majority of the revenue share will come from the projects and developers using codum. It is foreseen to distribute 10% of the revenue from every transaction, including licensing and development sourcing (wages of contracted developers through codum). Please take a look at the table below to understand how much potential there will be to profit from running codum nodes. The revenue generated by the tables (per 1000 projects/repositories for licenses, and by 1000 developers getting paid for coding work), are estimated to be real world FIAT equivalent money by current pessimistic market conditions. With the help of integrated decentralized exchanges, we can peg prices in contracts, account for FIAT pegged stable coins thus making the CODUM token price to be irrelevant, even when CODUM tokens would be required as a payment medium.


Revenue Share Distribution Calculation for Licensing




Short summary

  • We know how to provide BPs an additional source of income by running the nodes for codum.
  • There are three mechanisms for running codum nodes (license revenue share, developer sourcing/contracting, storage node) and all will be developed with time.
  • We have prepared hands/developers waiting to start the development of codum.
  • We are currently lacking resources - community and finances.

We are offering you an exchange of your present resources for codum, in return for future financial benefits to BPs and the EOS ecosystem. Your financial support will go to cover the development costs associated with launching this project. You are being offered this opportunity also because you are the best option as a node-runner provider, due to:

  • EOS BPs and BP candidates together have achieved a wide Global distribution of EOS nodes, ensuring low latency and fast response service provided anywhere in the World, and that is very convenient for the end user.
  • You, EOS BP/candidates, are already running full EOS nodes, which will be a requirement for the codum node to run, and that is also the major part of the cost to run codum node.
  • Very small technical/management overhead, most likely hot deployable and remotely maintainable, will be required for the node management, thus making the cost of running such a node very minimal, and you might manage as well with what you have with EOS network support.

If you are interested or have questions, please, let us know by filling out this form here.

We will definitely list all our supporters here and on our website.