May 14, 2019, 9 a.m.

CODUM STO on London Derivatives Exchange

Codum (UAB Teisingas kodas) is pleased to announce its intention to launch their security token offering via the FCA approved - London Derivatives Exchange. Codum is a new breed blockchain project that has the potential to disrupt every industry across all sectors. The project aims to build an open market place for code, covering all programming languages and because this is being built using the EOSIO blockchain, it will offer a decentralized alternative to other platforms by allowing its participants to buy, sell or license code using the functionality of smart contracts. By investing in the codum platform, investors are investing in a platform that provides businesses and the developer community with access to discoverable (but not exposed) private and open source code, ensuring they will be investing in a platform that will change the dynamics of software development forever. 

The developer community and companies alike can use the codum platform to host and review code, manage projects and build software in a far more efficient, secure and cost-effective way. The codum team believes their platform will become an enabler of more collaborative ways of working, offering brands the opportunity to intensify the speed of their own innovations as they can use codum to identify the very best technical experts for their projects or license a foundation of code that can move their project forward for a fraction of what it would cost them to build that foundation themselves. The platform will be designed to be user-friendly, satisfying the needs of business focussed experts as much as it will satisfy the developer community. We believe this will make the codum platform the most transparent and trustworthy marketplace for code in the world and we are providing investors with a safe and secure means of investing in our project by launching our security token from the London Derivatives Exchange.

London Derivatives Exchange are only focussed on providing quality projects to investors around the globe and we truly believe codum can offer that potential. To learn more about the project, or if anyone would like to invest in codum using a safe and fully regulated exchange, please get in touch with: 

VJ Angelo - CEO London Derivatives Exchange
Liucijus Urmonas - CEO Codum