Sept. 5, 2018, 11 a.m.

Workspace which will change developers management

A workspace is usually a place in which project managers interact with developers. However, today in broadening market workspace is expected to do more than just code review and simple task tracking. Codum is creating a workspace which will change this market in which project managers and developers will be able to work together from finding each other to paying for the work and licensing of the resulting code.

Development projects management explained

To make workspace understandable not only to the developers and project managers, we have to introduce you to the way how these two types of people are usually working. Developers are using apps with specialized tools while writing the programming code on their computer. When they are done, developers upload it to working spaces online. Like to the one codum is. That is where teammates can review the work developers did. During the review, bugs might be discovered and that is where all the fun begins. Reviewer leaves a note about the bug, but additional effort is required to properly create a task, assign it to the developer, and relate it to the code in question and other tasks in the project.

After the review, the task creator has to pay the developer for his work on the task, often delayed, through banking systems, accounting, and other processes involved. So the main problem here is that project management and code is too far apart and separation is too inconvenient for both project managers and developers.

What is codum workspace?

Now, how will codum workspace be different from these other platforms? In codum problem mentioned above is solved by bringing project management and coding together into one workspace. There will be no extra interactions necessary to accomplish a task. For example, the manager creates a task, finds a developer who can finish it and after developer uploads his code into the workspace, project managers will be able to review, accept and pay for the work in the same place by simply signing a single transaction. And in case of code is not acceptable, the correction task can be created right in the review process, assigned to the developer, and linked to all relating resources, saving time for every party involved. This is called process optimization.

Even though it already sounds great, the codum workspace will also have many features that other platforms don’t. Users will be able to license their code and track license violations with the help of the “Knife” tool. Also, there will be a possibility to make an ongoing work discoverable on search engines.

How will it all work?

Users will be able to license their code while writing or after they uploaded code in the workspace in two ways:

  1. By implementing and running own license smart contract, completely custom or derived from codum templates. By writing or editing the license smart contract code and then deploying it to codum through codum’s workspace or directly into EOS blockchain.

  2. By using codum or 3rd party running licenses with your configuration parameters. Such licensing would be most convenient for the user and accessible most likely from the friendly web user interface. However, this would delegate the trust of maintenance of such license and smart contract to the owner of the smart contract.

However, if users wanted to make it discoverable on the search engines, they will need to set their codebase as discoverable. Before that, at least one license will need to be in effect.

Also, we should never forget the “Knife” tool while working on codum workspace because it will warn users if the code they are using is violating any other project’s license, referring to related affected code and linking owners/developers. It will also encourage code reusability instead of rewriting the existing code.

How is workspace built?

Codum workspace is built on git because it is in the core of the software development process of today’s world. One needs to be integrated into the codum project if we want it to be ever successful in mass adoption. This is where software development is happening in most cases. Also, git command line tool is very well known to developers as well as it has many known integrations into graphical user interface products, which all will be able to take advantage of codum added to git.

In short, the codum workspace is simple yet powerful workspace to manage both project management and code development from the idea, through implementation, to the sale of the license.

Be part of the codum project and help it grow! You are always welcome to visit and learn that codum is much more than a workspace.

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